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Many thanks to all the complex systems scientists who made CCS’15 one of the greatest worldwide conferences!

Together we represented:
58 countries
185 universities and colleges
20 national research labs
48 foundations, institutes, agencies, organizations, & businesses
Our Interest areas:
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The annual European Conferences on Complex Systems (ECCS) have become a major venue for the Complex Systems Community since they were started in 2003. For the first time, this year, the conference was held in North America to foster and multiply contacts between the European, North American and Asian communities working in this domain.  CCS’15 was a major international conference and event in the area of complex systems and interdisciplinary science in general.

What is CCS’15 About?

Why Should You Attend CCS’15?

The conference will offer unique opportunities to study novel scientific approaches in a multitude of application areas, as reflected by the conference tracks:

Conference Main Tracks

  • Foundations of Complex Systems (complex networks, self-organization, nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, mathematical modeling, simulation) Read More
  • Information and Communication Technologies (Internet, WWW, search, semantic web) Read More
  • Language, Linguistics, Cognition and Social Systems (evolution of language, social consensus, artificial intelligence, cognitive processes) Read More
  • Economics and Finance (social networks, game theory, stock market, crises) Read More
  • Infrastructure, Planning and Environment (critical infrastructures, urban planning, mobility, transport, energy) Read More
  • Biological Complexity (biological networks, systems biology, evolution, natural science, medicine and physiology) Read More
  • Social Ecological Systems (global environmental change, green growth, sustainability, resilience) Read More

Structure of the Conference

CCS’15 is a five-day conference.

A coherent two-day program (days 1 and 2) focuses on established and emerging Complex Systems domains represented by the ‘tracks’, animated by plenary speakers, followed by symposia that offer participants in those domains the occasion to address their colleagues.

Days 3 and 4 are intended to explore the completely new, by means of workshops and sessions, where the proposers determine the topic, participants and structure of proposed satellite sessions.

On day 5, a general session will bring these strands together. We will also devote time to honor important individuals, place young scientists in the spotlight, and award prizes for achievements.

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